A sister's love for her brother lasts longer than a day…so, why shouldn't her rakhi? Forever Rakhi is a fashion forward line of men's bracelets that will always remind a brother of his sister's affection. 

A rakhi is a sacred thread that a sister ties around her brother’s wrist, signifying her love and prayers for his well being…in return for his life-long vow to protect her. This annual Indian tradition, known as Raksha Bandan, is celebrated all around the world.

While this ritual dates back centuries, the actual string of the rakhi rarely lasts more than a few weeks. You typically see brothers trying to salvage this symbol of their sister’s sentiment and, literally, “hanging on by a thread.”

To add a modern flair to these ancient traditions, we’ve created “Forever Rakhi,” a long-lasting, timeless, fashionable men’s accessory that can be worn all year, and serves as a constant reminder of this protective bond. Now, sisters can personalize their blessings with a unique keepsake that HE will cherish forever.